About us

For decades, there was a lively Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show at the Hotel Tucson City Center, Inn Suites hosting exhibitors from the wide world. Room 101, facing the east parking lot, held treasures such as moldavite, meteorite and exotic minerals from parts abroad. Next door, room 102 held specialties from Morocco. Over the years these neighbors recognized a shared passion for Nature’s beauty. A bond formed and a plan was drafted to combine resources to offer quality goods and great value to the wholesale community.

In the waning days of the pandemic, the sudden end of the Inn Suites show left many dealers ‘homeless’ and without a venue. A decision was made to purchase a dilapidated, but promising building and create a new place to build this joint venture.

Moldavite Mining LLC, Tucson found a new home at 210 West Drachman Street, across the street from the iconic Tucson Inn Sign. The property has a rich history spanning a life initially as Uncle John’s Pancake House then aging into the notorious dive bar, The Meet Rack and now reinvigorated as new the location of our North American base. This lovely old building is a work in progress and reflects the renewal underway throughout the Drachman/Miracle Mile corridor. We are pleased to create a new, year-round hub for our gem and mineral business. Looking forward to welcoming visitors year round and quick ship options for our clients from the US.